No Scare

for kids ages 12 and under

This year we will again offer TWO "No Scare" Saturday dates.

Saturday Oct 20th and Saturday Oct 27th. 

Both events run from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Admission is $2.00 for all ages.


What is a "No Scare Saturday"?

Hawfields Haunted Forest is a family friendly haunt. That means there is less gore than some of our competitors, but still plenty of frights! You can feel good that our haunt is appropriate for most children ages 12 and over. Certainly many younger kids can and do enjoy our Haunted Forest. But nights in the forest may not be appropriate for small children. We know a few adults that struggle to make it through the forest (or even past the gate!).

So several years ago we started offering a "No Scare" for the little ones on Saturday afternoons. This is tour of the Hawfields Haunted Forest, but during daylight hours and with no one in full costume. We show your littlest goblins how each haunt works and basically describe what we do to scare the bejeezus out of everyone crazy enough to join us in the Haunted Forest at night. The tour is lead by members of the Hawfields Junior Civitan Club and admission becomes an additional fundraiser for their activities (i.e. it's another good cause!!!).

After the tour most kids will reach one of three conclusions:

  1. They find some bravery out there and just have to give this a try THAT night or when they are little older. (Gee, daylight can sure make some kids bold uh? What's that Jeffy? No, the nice man with the chainsaw won't hurt you!)
  2. They want to know when they can join the Junior Civitan Club and start haunting their parents and siblings. And we would love to have them join the Juniors when the get to the appropriate age. 
  3. They decide to wait until NEXT year to try the real thing. And that's OK, we can wait. 41 years of doing this, we can can as long as it takes. hahaha