Hawfields Civitan Youth Sports Programs
at Hawfields Community Park
Many years ago the Hawfields Civitans saw a need for a Community Park/Baseball Field. That dream eventually grew into the Hawfields Community Park and Neil Covington Baseball Field. Over the years, thousands of children from Mebane and the surrounding area have enjoyed learning not just baseball, softball, and football ... but sportsmanship, leadership, and teamwork here on our little "Field of Dreams".  
We've seen many championships won, but as exciting as those were, equally important were all the "first time base hits" or "first fly ball ever caught". Hawfields Civitans are proud to provide this Community Park for just those moments in childrens lives. And like all team sports, our endeavors have been all about Teamwork. Many thousands of hours have been volunteered by a long list of coaches that we appreciate so much. Many of those coaches starting playing here as kids and are now giving back just as their coaches did for them. Civitans and volunteers from the community have mowed, lined fields, built buildings, playgrounds, walking trails, etc. to make this park truly a Community Park we are all proud of and continue to enjoy to this day.
If you need information about sign-ups for a Summer or Fall Youth Sports Program, want to volunteer to coach, need more information about the Hawfields Community Park or Hawfields Civitans, please email us at
 Our work is never done!
If you've noticed some building materials behind the third base side of the ball field, we are building a second baseball field at the Park. This new small-ball field will be used for Pee-Wee and Tee-Ball and is needed to handle the demand for more practice times and game slots for the over 300 children that play organized ball with us every summer/fall in our recreational leagues. Contact us at the email address above if you would like to donate hours or funds to help make this field of dreams a reality! 
Be part of the team at Hawfields Community Park!